History of Llangorse


Llangorse Lake (Llyn Syfaddan) follows its way round a low contour in the Brecon Beacons.  In medieval times it was noted for its miraculous properties.  About 4-miles in circumference and the largest natural lake in south Wales. 

Legend has it that the land beneath the lake belonged to a greedy and cruel princess.  Though her lover was poor, she agreed to marry him on condition that he brought her great wealth.  So, the lover set about his task and robbed and murdered a wealthy merchant, giving the riches to the princess.

The merchant's ghost returned to warn the couple that their crime would be avenged upon the 9th generation of their family.  The couple ignored the warning.  One night a terrible flood burst from the hills, drowning the land and the inhabitants.

Today the lake is a mecca for fishing, horse-riding, sailing, and wind-surfing.