Visiting Symonds Yat East



Symonds Yat East

Away from the town, there are few other places in the UK where there is such an abundance of space and tranquility.  The seasons bring an ever-changing landscape from the vivid blues and yellows of wild bluebells and daffodils in Spring to the gold and russet hues in the Autumn.

The beauty of the Wye Valley were discovered for the first time at the close of the 18th century.  The British at war against the France which lasted over two decades were forced to have what we call today holidays at home.  What they found in this particular part of their native country entranced them both for its variety of landscape experience and historic association.   

It was fashionable to take a boat tour down the Wye Valley to view its romantic site and picturesque landscape.  'Tourists' dined at specific locations, took walks to particular viewpoints and visited romantic ruins, making the Wye Tour one of the first 'package holidays'.   They would disembark from their boats and walk up to the viewpoint at Yat Rock whilst the crew rowed the boat around the four mile loop to New Weir to meet the tourists on the other side. 

Today Yat Rock is an internationally famous viewpoint which continues to delight visitors of all ages.   Yat Rock also attract ornithologists keen to catch sight of the peregrine falcons who have chosen to nest on nearby Coldwell Rocks.  The Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) staff and volunteers are on hand with telescopes from April until August to tell visiitors about the pergrines, the fastest birds in the world.

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